Google Introduces Some New Features For the Assistant(VIDEO)

Google unveiled a range of features and new capabilities for Google Assistant at CES 2020 ongoing. The voice assistant of the company is available from smartphones, intelligent speakers, TV, cars to smart displays and more on several devices.

In Google, more than 1 billion apps are available on Google Assistant and more than 500 million people use it each month.

The list of new features includes scheduled action, reading of the screen, confidentiality and more. Let’s look at the following characteristics:

Scheduled Actions

Users can now set up future tasks with the assistance of the Assistant with the Scheduled Activities feature. Users can simply tell Assistant to switch an intelligent device on / off.

For instance, you can say,’ Hey Google, run the coffee making machine at 6 am,’ and the connected device will do the task at that time.

Screen Reading & Interpreter Mode

At the CES that read long form content using Google Assistant, Google previewed that feature. Google states that through the use of new voice data sets, the experience creates an expressive and natural environment.

In 42 languages including Hindi, Spanish and German, the content can also be translated. Google also works on apps such as automatic scrolling and the ability to highlight text to help users monitor text read aloud.

Google is also expanding Interpreter mode to hotels, airports, sports stadiums, banks and more. The Interpreter mode is a real-time translation feature that helps people to communicate better with others who don’t speak the same language. 

Privacy settings

Users can use Google Assistant to access data protection controls. The Past of the assistant can be easily removed by saying,’ Oh, delete all I said this week.’

Google has added two new voice actions for privacy, such as “Hey Google wasn’t for you” and “Hey Google, you save my data to audio?”The former is used because of something t to avoid an unintended trigger.

Setting up smart devices

Google aims to make it easier for users to set up smart devices quickly using Google Assistant.

Users will get a notification or suggestion button to finish the setup within the Google Home app and connect the device to Assistant. Once the setup is completed, there’s no need to enter your account credentials to use the smart device.

Smart display notes and contact list

Smart screens will be able to display household notes on a screen with Google Assistant. By reading the content of the smart display, users can leave a note on the screen. Google says this is going to help you get rid of sticky notes.

As with notes, Google Assistant will allow users to place important contacts on the smart display on their speed dial.

It lets everybody at home make calls to smart speakers and screens quickly and easily. You can dial it by saying’ Hey Google, call XYZ.’ You can call the individual.

At some point in this year Google is scheduled to incorporate all of the above. The company also says Google Assistant is available on additional devices.

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