The Best Laptops From CES 2020,Must Check Before Buying New One

This year’s CES has been a fantastic show for laptops. Conventional laptops got more refined, while others experimented with exciting new designs.

See below for further details:

Dell XPS 13

dell xps 13 9300 2020 features price photos release date 01

One of those is a new XPS 13, but that is more than a spec boost this year. The XPS 13 has been completely renovated with a new 16:10 monitor and a reduced bezel at the bottom, making a laptop lid like a computer. The new XPS 13 is also a better keyboard for your Windows Hello, a larger touchpad and even an infraround camera.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

best laptops ces 2020 lenovo thinkpad x1 fold 5 1200x9999

Lenovoimpressedmost wit It’s a 4 K OLED screen, like the Galaxy Fold, which can be folded in half. It can be used as a tablet, an e-reader and a comprehensive laptop.

The keyboard solution is detrimental, just as with all two-screen laptops. And it was perfect for Lenovo. The keyboard itself plugs into the appliance itself and produces a clean, portable package.

The 13 “OLED 4:3 display is beautiful, regardless of the way you use it. But most of all, it seems that Lenovo has considered every case and every mode of use. It’s the most convincing implementation we’ve ever seen with a dual-screen device, even without support for Windows 10X.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

samsung galaxy chromebook 4k amoled ces 2020 hands on price photos video release date 03

The Chromebook of Samsung Galaxy is bold. It’s all about that high-end Chromebook, not just the bright red color. First off, the 4 K AMOLED panel is 13.3-inch first for Chromebooks.

Virtually every element of the Galaxy Chromebook is cutting-edge, and it could have been Samsung the most refined laptop ever made from its aluminum quality to its absurdly portable dimension.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

best laptops ces 2020 asus rog zephyrus g14 3 1200x9999

For their latest Ryzen 4 mobile processors, AMD has made a big splash at CES this year, although not many laptops are using the new chips.

However, the ROG Zephyrus G14 was the highlight. It is a lovely laptop for games, all alone, with sweet programmable lights on the deck. But the real thrill is the shape and how the new AMD processor.

Despite being a smaller 14-inch laptop and weighing just 3.5 pounds, the Zephyrus G14 has an 8-core processor and up to an RTX 2060 graphics card. That means serious power in a shockingly small package.

HP Spectre x360 15

hp spectre x 360 15 features price photos release date x360 2020 13

The Specter x360 15 has been perfectly refined. There are still the diamond-cut lines, just as the factory keyboard and the 4 K OLED screen is still visible.

However, set the 2020 spectrum next to the model of the previous year, and the difference is apparent. HP has significantly cut the bezels around the display, making the laptop much smaller and more efficient.

It is now as portable as the XPS 15, and it is all the same powerful, with options for new Intel and Nvidia hardware.

Dell Concept Duet

biggest laptop trends ces 2020 dell duet 01

This year, Dell presented CES with some interesting concept PCs, but one of the most interesting was the Duet. It is a two-panel unit with two 13-inch full-size displays. With Dell’s patented thin bezels, it feels the modern computer, which we always wanted to see. It’s an incredibly futuristic look.

However, both screens are just the start. It also includes a removable keyboard that can be magnetized at the bottom of the screen if serious typing is needed. It’s like Surface Neo, on a larger scale only. This is still a concept, but we will certainly keep an eye on it.

HP Elite Dragonfly

best laptops ces 2020 hp dragonfly 5

A couple of months ago Dragonfly was launched, but HP followed it up with a new version at CES this year. HP has made some interesting improvements to the laptop in the second generation, although it does not seem so distinctive.

The Dragonfly is one of the most durable laptops ever produced. The chassis is now made of recyclable materials, together with plastic from the sea that is used in other device elements. HP also added 5 G support to make one of the laptops we’ve ever seen for the most advanced.

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