10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make in an Air Fryer

For a good reason, air fryers are becoming pretty popular — cooking and frying foods without oil. The compact device can be used for many classics, but can also help you to whip up innovative food without compromising a lot of space on your counter.

Here are some things you could not do in an air fryer, you didn’t know.

Your morning breakfast routine just got simpler with air-fried omelets

Omelette with Radishes

The perfect solution are air-fryer omelets from recipe blogs such as Bitz & Giggles. All preparation can be done the night before, and in six minutes they are cooked.

Air-fried doughnuts deliver on taste

glazed donuts

Doughnut may be a heavy diet, but they could be a bit lighter by cooking it in an air fryer rather than oil. For your next breakfast, make this delight from Cooking Light.

You’re only five minutes away from making a delicious air-fried grilled cheese

Grilled Cheese

Nothing screams like homemade grilled cheese for comfort To prepare grilled cheese with a Berry Maple recipe, no additional ingredients are required.

Air-fried apple chips are the perfect fall snack

apple chips

Are you looking for something new to make with your pickup truck? These Williams Sonoma cinnamon and sugar-polluted apple chips can be packed for a crowd in just minutes.

These air-fried chicken tenders won’t leave your hands coated in oil

chicken tenders

Air-fried “roast” chicken and vegetables make the perfect dinner

roast chicken

These calzones can be the perfect appetizer or meal


Calzones don’t have to be filled with pizza toppings you can customize them however you’d like.  Taste of Home suggests filling your air-fried calzones with corned beef and Swiss cheese. By following this recipe, your calzones can be ready to eat in under 12 minutes.

These air-fried bloomin’ onions could be perfact snack

bloomin' onions

Air-fried apple pie is the dessert you didn’t know you needed

apple pie

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