Canadian Tourist Rosie Gabriel, Converted to Islam After visiting Pakistan

Rosie Gabriel, a Canadian tourist who traveled to Pakistan alone on a motorcycle, embraced Islam, influenced by Islamic teachings and Pakistani culture.

Just over a year ago, Rosie Gabriel came to know about Pakistani culture and scenery with a motorcycle and went out to explore Pakistan on a lonely bike. She visited many places including Lahore, Swat, Multan and Gwadar and recognized the beauty of Pakistan and conveyed it to people all over the world.

Rosie was so impressed with Pakistani culture and Islamic teachings that the spheres entered Islam. Rosie shared a few photos on Instagram in which she is smiling on her face holding the Qoran in her hands. In another photo, she also wears a hijab on her head.

Rozee shared the good news with the photo, saying that she had converted to Islam.

With the good news of entering the sphere of Islam, Rosie said last year was difficult for me. The Creator Universe sent me to Pakistan not only to challenge myself and forget my pain but also to show me the way.

Unfortunately, Islam is the religion that is misinterpreted worldwide and the most criticized. Like many other religions, there are many interpretations, but the true meaning of Islam is peace, love and unity. It is not just religion but a way of life.

Rosie Gabriel shared her experiences about Pakistan, saying that before coming here, everyone told me that Pakistan is a very dangerous country and it is not right for a single woman to travel alone to Pakistan but when she comes to Pakistan They just found love and humility

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