khalid Al Ameri Visiting Pakisan, Watch Who is He?


Khalid Al Ameri is an Emirati opinion writer and social commentator with The National on issues such as employment, entrepreneurship, and social development in the Arab region. Khalid has recently returned from completing his MBA at Stanford University, and is currently working with youth on education and employment readiness, as well as continuing his work on highlighting social issues we face in our day-to-day lives through his column with The National newspaper.

More he told about him self, ” I was a typical British boy, spoke mainly English, went to an international school and pretty much only wore national dress at Friday prayers or on special occasions, such as going around the neighbourhood during Eid asking for money from people I didn’t know. When I got to Grade 11, I had a slight transformation. I started wearing a kandura more often, hanging around with other Emiratis, and tried to speak Arabic as much as I could, often times failing miserably”

He is a famous you tuber, a lots of videos are available with his wife Salama. Now a days he is vising Pakistan,that will lead international tourism in Pakistan as well. See the video,

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