Satechi Introduced 108W Pro Desktop Charger won’t Split Power Among Devices

At CES 2020, Satechi is unveiling a new 108W Pro Desktop Charger to deliver all the power your devices require, regardless of how much it can.

Desktop charging hub are not new, but most of them have an unfortunate trait in common for all their high-powered advertisements. The power output is often split according to how many devices are attached at once.

As a result, they don’t provide enough power to charge, say, a laptop properly when you also charge a large tablet and telephone simultaneously.

Satechi does not promise 108W Pro USB-C PD Loader. As the name implies, the 108 watts of power is the sum of two USB-C PD ports it can supply. Yes, they are split, but they still have 90W and 18W per harbor. The two USB-A ports have a total of 12W.

The Satechi 108W Pro USB-C PD Desktop Charger is available now both from and The $79.99 might look like a hefty price tag for a desktop charger but it might make up for it with the space-savings and stress-savings you can get out of it.

Satechi 108W Pro is now available from and both as a USB-C PD laptop adapter. The $79.99 may sound like a heavy price tag for a laptop charger, but it may make it up by reducing room and reducing stress.

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