Treadmill with 20 inches wide and 53 inches long Secreen; Huami and Studio joint Hands for HomeStudio Treadmil

The wearable Chinese company Huami and the fitness company Studio are teaming up to create a linked treadmill they have launched today as part of Huami’s CES keynote.

The Amazfit HomeStudio’s most notable feature is the lack of a traditional front paddle. Alternatively, you use your smartphone to monitor the display, whereas the content is supplied to a different, vertically orientated 43 “HD screen named by firms.

The sort of glass looks like giant phone and also contains a camera which can track your movements with a view from a computer (where there is a slide piece covering the sensor if you are worried about privacy).

As for the treadmill itself, it’s 20 inches wide and 53 inches long, with a slat belt surface for a softer running feel.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Studio Jason L. Baptiste (formerly Onswipe Mobile Publishing), told that he always saw the creation of a treadmill as part of Studios roadmap with his vision of making the running fun and accessible to nonrunners and thus the startup offering a really “immersive” and personal “fitness” experience.

Amazfit HomeStudio

And while Peloton sells a connected treadmill with a 32-inch screen, Baptiste said most treadmill makers are “manufacturing companies or devices something without great software or content or community.” He added, “We wanted to get the content and software right before we ever thought about doing anything with hardware.”

Amazfit HomeStudio combines Studio’s content with Huami’s hardware expertise, and it integrates with Huami devices and other wearables to track heart rate. And while a treadmill is obviously best for running, the Glass can also offers classes in sculpt, yoga and stretching.

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