Uber Pin Code: An all new safety solution

From this week on, this latest feature is available to all US and Canadian users. Before entering the vehicle, users must supply the appropriate driver with a pin code. Once the code is tested, the journey will continue.

For enabling the feature, go to the setting and apply the pin code. It could be applied to all car rides or only for night trips happening between 9 PM to 6 AM.

This feature was initially previewed by the company in September. It wasn’t however widely approachable all over the country until now. Before this time, the pin code security feature was only available as a seven-city pilot.

This feature was presented by the ride-hailing giant in response to the assassination of Samantha Josephson, an old student who was killed and hailed in a false Uber.

However, since a very long time Uber had begun showing the name of the captain and the car number plate, not many people were aware of this feature. The company uses the pin code of the rider and the captain is thus widely believed to drastically reduce the number of dramas.

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