Watch the Difference Between Orange Water and Orange Juice,Find Out the Reality

The pith of oranges and other citrus fruits is the stringy, spongy white stuff between the peel (or zest) and the fruit. Most people strip it away before eating oranges, because they think it is bitter or inedible.

For you, the pith may be fine. It is high in fiber, which can reduce cholesterol and provides as much vitamin C as the fruit. Pith also includes a number of flavonoids, including Hesperidine that can enhance the functioning of the blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

Naringenin, which has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects and has a capacity to decrease carbohydrate absorption from the intestinal tract, can reduce rapid increases in blood sugar after consumption, is another flavonoid found in oranges, including the pith and peel as well as the fruit.

This could have a positive effect on weight loss and metabolic syndrome as well as a combination of stroke risk factors, type 2 diabetes and cardiac disease.

Watch for perfect recipe of orange juice;

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