Eco-Friendly Spray to Remove Germs and Bacteria From Salty Water

Chinese experts have created an insecticide, bacteria and odor spray device that eliminates germs. This exciting device is called ‘Eggert’ which is also environmentally friendly in every respect.
The spray also sterilizes fruits and vegetables, including household items, and eliminates the odor. The important thing is that as lightning passes through it, electrolysis is done in salt water.

The Egert device was developed by EO Water Company, which operates with the power of electro-licensed water. According to the company, as soon as electricity passes through saline water, the germicidal water comes into being. This water eliminates 99.95 germs and bacteria. As the bacteria come in, their outer shell burst and they become ineffective.

This invention has been patented regularly, with numerous researches and experiments already proving that pesticides can be eliminated in 60 seconds by the use of electrolytes, while the solution also works in three minutes.

The company that manufactures it claims to be completely environmentally friendly and does not cause any skin irritation and allergies.

Egret immediately removes the odor by cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, clothing, furniture, carpet, shoes, vehicle interiors and pet supplies. It can also clean children’s clothing and items. Fruits and vegetables can also be thoroughly cleaned and the effects of pesticides on them can be easily removed.

The solvent consumed by tap water and salt has the effects of alkali and acidity at the same time. In this way it cleanses on the one hand and on the other hand it makes the products sterile. This is why electric salt water can be very effective when compared to all the traditional cleaning products and disinfectants.

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