Citizen Portal Becomes Most Effective Tool in Addressing Complaints

Pakistan’s Citizen Portal has become the most effective tool for remedying complaints with a complaint resolution rate of 91.32%.

Citizens all ages can be found on the registered members ‘ list of Pakistan Citizen Portal in appreciation of its usefulness and performance.

The last statistics indicate that more than 1.3 million registered members have received a total of 1653.045 complaints.

Of these 93,92 came from abroad, while 5.74% from abroad came from Pakistan and 0.34% from foreigners.

In order to establish a solid connection between government and people in Pakistan, the Pakistan Citizen Portal, headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, was established.

While Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the citizens to use the service, he also made it very clear that any government official who disregards his responsibility to handle complaints on the Citizen Portal would be indulged.

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