L’Oréal Introduced Personalized Smart Beauty App; Device Create a Unique Shade of Lipstick and Many More (VIDEO)

With Perso, his smart beauty device, which has been developing for 6 years as part of Tech Incubator’s business, L’Oreal wants to perfect this sort of increased reality and to bring it to the real world.

Perso will helps you create a unique lipstick shade: it’s based on a curated list of trends in Instagram. Scroll through a photo feed and pick someone that you want to try.


The app will show you a few shades, then the color will show up on your lips when you choose – and stay there like a pucker or suddenly laugh when you are on the camera.

LOreal Perso Beauty Device CES 2020

Which comes next is the most exciting part. Tap a button and the Perso’s three cartridges will absorb liquid. Each cartridge doses the right color to the top, so that the results match reasonably near the color of the application if you mix them. You can also open the top of the individual and have your new lip color around with a little carrying case.

Perso can even upgrade your skincare routine: Using photos, it analyzes your face for under-eye wrinkles, firmness, pore size, and more. Based on the qualities of your skin you want to change, the Perso will pull a personalized mixture from cartridges that contain serums, moisturizes, and skin protectants.

Face Saving

Someone regularly using the Perso is going to be feeding a lot of information to the app, including images. “We never link the personal data of consumers to the progress of their skin,” Balooch said.

He gave the example of Lancôme’s Le Teint Particulier. The device’s camera takes photos of your skin, analyzes them, and then creates a foundation that matches your skin tone. The company, which is a L’Oreal brand, doesn’t keep this color associated with your name and email address.

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