Meghan Markle Signs Deal with Disney

The decision to split the British Royal family was made public by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which includes financially independent plans that all asked themselves exactly what they would do for work, in view of their massive celebrity status.

According to E News, the Duchess has reportedly signed a voiceover with Disney.

Meghan will not be paid for her performing services directly; instead, money will go to the charity Elephants Without Borders, which helps track animals and protects them from poaching.However, many believe that the agreement is a significant indication of how in the future Meghan and Harry plan to bankroll.

Meghan would have lent her vocals to Disney before she went to Canada and Harry had announced that she was leaving their family, contributing to “tense conversations” with senior members before Christmas, according to the Times.

In addition to other acting gigs, Meghan may have some projects in the works with luxury fashion brands. “Meghan is very connected in the fashion industry and there are a lot of major labels who would like to partner with her on projects. There have already been active discussions with Givenchy,” a source told The Sun. “Some of these deals could be worth millions of pounds.”

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