Samsung’s latest folding handset is called “Galaxy Bloom”

The coming Samsung mobile will be branded Galaxy Bloom, which can be folded vertically.

The name is not new. Since last October it has been a speculated mobile code name. But now, SamMobile notes that, at a closed meeting at CES, Samsung actually revealed the name of Galalaxy Bloom as official.

Some tidbits that came from the conference, reportedly: The concept of Galaxy Bloom was inspired by a Lancôme makeup powder case and Samsung plans to target women with the product in their twenties.

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The same report further supports earlier reports of the Galaxy S10’s counterpart being branded the Galaxy S20. The Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20 + and the Galaxy S20 Plus will introduce the three versions in the coming months.

One technical detail coming out of the report is that both the Galaxy Bloom and Galaxy S20 will support 8K video recording. And we’ve previously heard that the Bloom will have a 6.7-inch display and come with Android 10, which is expected but still a nice touch.

The launch date for both devices is Feb. 11. The actual successor to Galaxy Fold is slated to be launched later in the year,

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