Best of Best CES 2020:Best of Innovation Award Winners You Must Know

As always the worlds of technology and vehicles have been showing their best and brightest. CES 2020 has come and gone. The competition at the show this year was high whether it’s impressive concepts, gadgets that democratize the best advanced technology, nor only meaningful enhancements to many devices. Read on to Best of CES 2020:

Best IoT/Smart Home Device: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Wi-Fi Smart Locking from the August section has brought to a clear improvement compared to previous models by its combination of established functionality.

The biggest improvement of the new Smart Lock Wi-Fi is that a separate bridge no longer needs a bridge, which is 45 percent smaller than the previous version. This convenience, along with simple installation and a solid app, make CES 2020 our selection of intelligent locks.

The BLK2GO wireless handheld imaging laser scanner


The BLK2GO hand-held imaging laser scanner allows users to easily scan spaces, structures and objects while holding the lightweight tool across space. The one-button process immediately captures dual-axis LiDAR and panoramic simulation measurements and transforms them into 3D point clouds in color and dimensional precision.

The data collected from the BLK2GO can be used to map a site, construct 3D models, inspect, and design new buildings or renovations and remodels.

Norm Glasses

They look like regular sunglasses, and are actually augmented reality (AR) clever glasses with Android-based OS, a voice user interface, two speakers, a mirror, and a head-up display that allows the user to view digital content.

Norm glasses weighing less than 36 grams can be used with Android or iOS smartphones all day, with Bluetooth. Such glasses can also provide subtitles for people with hearing impairment and allow blind people to communicate or receive help from a remote aid.


Colegate Plaqless Pro


The electric toothbrush Colgate Plaqless Pro-which will be available on the market soon-will seek to make a difference. Touched as the first electric toothbrush that is able to see how it actually brushes in real-time, the Plaqless Pro has integrated smart optical sensors in the brush head.

A light ring on the handle turns blue to warn users of the increase and when an area is finished, it becomes white. The toothbrush is also integrated with the Apple Health app in order to track oral health in a clear and transparent way.

Syntiant NDP100 Neural Decision Processor


The NDP100 microwave power neural decision processor (NDP) is a commercial silicone device designed for almost any consumer device to use machine learning / AI processing.

The NDP100 processor consumes less than 150 microwatts, custom built to run neural workloads, which renders AI a possibility for devices as small as hearing aids and big as laptops without having to connect to the cloud.

The Syntiant processor offers a voice interface for tactile devices such as buttons, switches, dials and touch screens in the smallest systems to complement or replace.

Best Laptop: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

Google showed it doesn’t need to be cheap to make Chromebooks happy, and Galaxy Chromebook Samsung picks up and runs the torch. It is a strong reminder that Chrome OS is more than worthy of Windows and Mac from its stunning red finishing to its outstanding mix of features and portability.

Code Jumper


Blind or visually impaired children can learn computer coding and programming skills thanks to the new educational toy, Code Jumper. Designed by Microsoft and developed by the American Printing House for the Blind (APH), 

To use, students can identify, by sight or touch, bright-colored plastic pods with oversized buttons and knobs, which they connect with “jumper cables” (thick cords) to physically create computer code that can tell stories, make music, and even crack jokes.

Not only do children learn basic programming concepts such as sequence, iteration, selection, and variables, they are encouraged to solve the same challenge in multiple ways. 

Best Tablet: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Image result for Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold"

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold sets a good pattern for what it looks like: a laptop when opened and a clamshell in a rugged book-size when closed. It will be expensive, but ThinkPad’s durability and eye-catching design means that life on the floor is worthwhile.

Best Gaming: Alienware Concept UFO

Concept UFO a manufacturing fact, but Dell’s gaming division could do more than create an incredibly compact and versatile Gaming PC thanks to the success of the Nintendo Switch. Like the Switch, you’re able to connect a larger display when you are back in your living room with interchangeable controls. Nevertheless, you will get to choose the full array of PC games as opposed to Nintendo’s console.



H2-BP is a blood pressure monitor type wristband that can be worn as a watch for 24 hours. The smallest and lightest blood pressure monitor in the world is 43 g (43 g) with a size of 60(H)x75 (D)x24(W). Users can monitor the data via a smartphone application.

Best Content Creation Tool: Insta360 ONE R

The modular design allows the swapping of a Leica 1-inch sensor, all on the same battery base, to be between 360 degrees, 4 K wide angles. This versatility makes it our collection of CES 2020 content development tools.

Best Medical Device: Phonak Virto Black

Hearing aids from the consumer earbud technology have been borrowing for the last several years and Phonak’s Virto Black shows why this was such a strong advance. We support not just the increase of volume but also Bluetooth streaming and more, personalized and individually tuned. Our pick from the CES 2020 medical devices is this transition from consumer technology to vital hearing support.

Best TV: Sony 48″ MASTER Series A9S 4K OLED TV

CES is never short on big TVs, The Sony 48′′ MASTER A9S is a newly added size of the 4 K OLED range of the business, offering image quality and image processing on a scale more suitable for more spaces. You may have come to revisit the time if you want an OLED update, but the scale has postponed it.

Best Accessory: Wacom One

Image result for Best Accessory: Wacom One"

The graphical tablets aren’t new, but are typically costly and suitable for desktop use on your PC. For $400, the show is portable for artists and operates not only on Windows and Mac, but also on Android phones. If you are on your phone and wish to make the next step in digital art, it looks like the Wacom One has the right price.

Best Smartphone: TCL 10 5G

Image result for Best Smartphone: TCL 10 5G"

TCL was short on its latest 10-series phones, and the next month’s Mobile World Congress 2020 will provide us with more detail. The main thing about the TCL 10 5 G is that it is being marketed for less than $500 and 5 G in the USA. This is a big step for transparency and getting 5 G coverage out of the realm of expensive flagship phones alone.

Best Wearable: Nura NuraLoop

Image result for Best Wearable: Nura NuraLoop"

If you consider the auditory contours of the body, Nura’s headphones have shown what can be achieved with music and sound; now NuraLoop’s earbuds promise even smaller shapes. The NuraLoop can draw itself out from the crowd of earbuds at CES 2020 with the audio processing technology that actually works and a far higher price.

Best Automotive: Audi AI:ME Concept

Image result for Best Automotive: Audi AI:ME Concept"

At CES 2020, Audi AI: ME Concept has attempted to provide a stand-alone electric hatchback with an unusually big cab and technologies such as visual monitoring and the car manufacturer’s virtual reality. This is exciting, but the possibility is similar for smaller vehicles who are not using electrification to sacrifice interior space.

Best of CES: Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR

Green tech, Prosperity and Power generation. This form fails to combine the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR covers four major themes of CES2020. The design inspired by the automaker’ Avatar’ is at first glance outsider, but dig underneath the glitz and you have some great things that are important in the real world.

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