Pakistan Halal Authority Aims to Capture The International Market With Exports

The Pakistan Halal Authority (PHA) is committed to capturing the global halal export markets.

The newly founded Islamabad authority has set targets for export of products, in particular meat, to achieve Pakistan’s fair share in the rapidly growing global Halal market

Director-General, PHA, Ministry of Science and Technology, Dr. Muhammad Tariq Masood said:

Pakistan with 160 million livestock is among the top livestock producing countries but unfortunately has a minimal share in the $3 trillion estimated livestock product output including milk, beef, mutton, poultry meat, eggs, wool, hair, skins, hides, and bones.

He thought that, since Pakistan is an Islamic country, it was taken for granted to the Muslims living here if the foodstuffs, such as meat and food packets, etc., are halal and are not explicitly stated on the label.

But the availability of Halal products, especially meat, is more worrying to Muslims who reside in other countries. A large number of Pakistanis, including Gulf States, the USA, the United Kingdom and European countries, are living in countries other than Pakistan which substantially increase demand for Halal meat.

The ministry’s joint science advisor Tariq Masood said Pakistan is the fifth-largest dairy producer and livestock supplier. It is very capable of exporting Halal products worth five to six billion dollars annually, using the latest measures in livestock, dairy and poultry.

With Pakistan’s ban on the import of poultry by the Gulf countries lifted (imposed in 2004 following a bird flu incident) it is time for Pakistan to mark it in the Gulf and worldwide.

Dr. Masood said it is also very important that an animal registry that is slaughtered, Halal processes be implemented during slaughter, and employees are packaged and trained in this field to raise international demand for the Pakistani half meat.

He says that after quality and standard control for a minimum fee of Rs.5,000, which is appropriate for export to various countries, PHA will apply its logo and stamp on the products of Halal.

Dr. Tariq Masood announced that PHA is working at university level on the implementation of an Halal product subject that is necessary to promote knowledge and encourage scholars to conduct research on scientifically and religiously acceptable and prohibited foods, Non-foods and services.

The definition of Halal (allowable by religion) is unfortunate to be restricted only to meat for ordinary people, but is more widely applicable to food, cosmetic products, treatments as well as dressing and shoes.

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