Nawaz Sharif viral Photo in London Restaurant, See strong reaction of Imran khan

In London Restaurant, PM Imran Khan responds strongly to former viral PM Nawaz Sharif photos.

Prime Minister Imran Khan discovered the matter after taking a picture of the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif at a local restaurant in London.

It is important to note that Nawaz Sharif has dinner with Shehbaz Sharif, the former Minister of Finance, Ishaq Dar, Salman Shehbaz, Hassan Nawaz and others.

The prime minister note the latest physical reports from his former prime minister after he circulated the picture on social media and guided Punjab’s health minister Yasmin Rashid. “Nawaz Sharif eats food, he’s ill or well at the restaurant.” He asked.

The Prime Minister ordered the Minister of health to send Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports immediately and added that the truth was to be made known to the public.

Yasmin Rashid called the personal physician of Nawaz Sharif and requested the health information of Sharif. Yasmin Rashid said the Punjab government would receive Nawaz Sharif’s most recent medical records.

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