Punjab Govt Introduces ‘Home Delivery System’ for Fruits, Vegetables

The Punjab government has implemented a “Home Delivery System” for fruits and vegetables in what may also be hailed as a radical solution for its citizens, reports.

The Punjab Government has introduced the mechanism of home delivery to ensure that the Multan’s residents, in collaboration with a private company, have convenience which is now no longer necessary to take up the purchase of fruit and vegetables.

In the circuit house area of the town, a formal home delivery ceremony was held.

Chairman Aamir Dongar, Parliamentary Secretary, Nadeem Qureshi and deputy Commissioner, Non-Ministerial Chairman of the Standing Committee on Government Assurances, expressed their pleasure on the occasion, and hoped that this idea would succeed.

The Home Delivery Service, on the occasion, Mian Aamir Dogar said, is a groundbreaking step taken by the Punjab administration to alleviate Multan’s purchasing woes.

On Saturday, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar, said that the new government is working towards a progressive agenda.

Today in his Lahore address, Usman Buzdar said that the government is working to increase their people ‘ living standards and to bring them prosperity.

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