Mercedes VISION AVTR is a Wild Concept Car Inspired by “Avatar”(VIDEO)

CES 2020 was brought by Mercedes-Benz a new concept car, inspired by the epic “Avatar” film by James Cameron, the VISION AVTR.

The striking concept also uses new green materials to incorporate themes such as ecologically sound mobility and the interaction of passengers and their vehicles.

On the back, for example, 33 “surface components,” as Mercedes calls them, are multiple-directionally moving. We remember the scales of a reptile, floating and ondulating add motions to the vehicle. Mercedes also expects them to contribute to the electricity supply.

That would be contained in a graphic organic battery cell, which ensures that the power pack of the VISION AVTR would be entirely uncommon in earth and metal.

Mercedes used vegan DINAMIC leathers–a micro-fiber which, through its production cycle, promises environmental sustainable development–for seat trimming while the floors use wood of Karuun. This rattan is rapidly growing and environmentally stable, harvested in Indonesia.

The technology is interwoven by the green. For example, by moving its front and rear axles in either the same or the opposite direction, the VISION AVTR is able to move sideways about 30 degrees. It is considered by Mercedes to be “a crab movement” and especially useful for agility in areas higher, such as congested towns.

Actually controlling the concept car is through a multifunctional control in the center console. Put your hand on that, and the car recognizes the driver’s breathing pattern and wakes up the drivetrain and other systems. Lift that hand, and the VISION AVTR projects a menu of different controls onto the palm. There’s also a curved display in front of the passengers.

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