On the Day of its Death, Windows 7 is the Second Most Popular Operating System

Windows 7 was first available for purchase in October 2009 and its time is eventually coming to an end almost a decade later. The 14 January marks the official end of Windows 7 support, which means that Microsoft is no longer providing free security updates.

Today, Windows 7 is still very successful and is still very popular with Windows 10 as the second most popular. Windows 7 is 32.75% of the operating system market, behind Windows 10 47.65%, according to NetMarketShare reports. That’s also bigger than MacOS Mojave 10.14%, and way ahead of Chrome OS share 0.39%.

Despite the small percentage of these computers, the rival operating systems–Chrome OS and MacOS–have also developed, but obviously it has nothing in Windows 7.

Apple allows the developers to connect iPad apps into the mac. Chrome OS is compatible with Android apps. Microsoft updates Windows 10 with new features twice a year.

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In the broader picture, every Windows desktop edition is also ahead of all combined operating systems. StatCounter’s data shows that Windows has a 77.64% market share, led by 16.46% from MacOS and 1.45% from Chrome OS.

While Windows 7 is still popular, the time for an update is now. Through retaining Windows 7, users risk putting malware and other security issues at risk in their PCs. You can upgrade or buy a new PC from Windows 10!

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