PTI Government Announces Large Number of jobs in Government departments For Recruitment

Premier Imran Khan released guidance on the ministries and divisions completing the recruitment process for 129,301 vacant positions within a span of four months

The Special Assistant to Prime Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan told briefing newsmen here regarding the decisions of the Federal Cabinet meeting that it was impossible to remove any staff in the public sector, since the government was committed to provide jobs not to leave people out of work. 2020 is the year of creation of employment.

In accordance with the rules and regulations, penalties, seniority, promotions and other matters, the Prime Minister directed the ministries and divisions to disposal within 3 months of all outstanding cases of civil servants. After a briefing, he issued the orders to the effect that 106,343 employee cases in the ministries and branches were pending for the past 30 years.

The meeting was further briefed by Dr Firdous that 37 million products of various government agencies, including 6,000 official vehicles were worn out, yet no practical steps were taken to deal with them.

The cabinet approved, in principle, the change of name of the Ministry of Health and Population in accordance with best international practices. A completely new organogram has been developed as part of the reforms, which would foster a role which would allow the Ministry to function in an effective and transparent manner with key technical experts in high administrative positions along with officials.

Dr Firdous said the cabinet also gave approval for launch of inquiry against five homeopathic colleges working in the country. Steps were being taken to adopt best international practices in the homeopathic sector and the ministry would take concrete measures in that regard, she added.

She said the Civil Aviation Authority briefed the cabinet that in future there would be no need to get a non-objection certificate for building high-rise buildings near airports, which would help attract investment from overseas Pakistanis.

Dr Firdous said the Power Ministry presented a plan to the cabinet, under which the electricity consumers would soon get relief in bills.

The special assistant said Prime Minister had already given a package of Rs162 billion for Karachi and it was now time for its implementation and then transferring its benefits to the grassroots level.

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