World Press Freedom Index 2019: Pakistan Faces the Setback in the Latest Rankings

Pakistan faces the reverse in the latest rankings in the World Press Freedom Index 2019.

In the World Press Freedom Index 2019, Pakistan has slipped three points. The index of a Paris-based multinational Non-Profit Organization, which advocates for media freedom, is created by Reporters Without Borders.

Out of 18o countries, RSF – powered by the World Economic Forum (WEF) – has placed Pakistan on 142nd with an overall global score of 45.83, three places down from 2018’s 139th spot

The agency has cited alleged media curbs on the country’s print and electronic media, especially during the 2018’s general elections.

In the run-up to the general elections during July 2018, the military establishment, opposed to independent journalism, has significantly increased its intimidation of the media. The military controlled the media in many instances of overt censorship.

Compared to 2013, when Pakistan ranked 159, the rank is still significantly improved.

Here is a yearly ranking breakdown since 2013: *Year* *Ranking (Out of 180)*

2013 159
2014 158
2015 159
2016 147
2017 139
2018 139
2019 142

With a marginally improved global score of 45.75, India is sitting two places above Pakistan at 140th spot.

Even the champion countries of democracy and the freedom of expression have failed to make it to the top ten, with the United Kingdom on the 33rd and the United States reeling at the 48th position. All the top five countries are European; Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, and Denmark.

All authoritarian countries like North Korea (179), China (177), Saudi Arabia (172), and Iran (170), are ranked among the bottom ten.

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