Lahore Among the ‘Safest Cities’ in the World

Lahore is even safer than London, New York, Berlin and Chicago, with the ranking rising from 56, as per Numbeo’s study, among other major World Crime Index metropolises.

In the Numbeo survey for January 2020, the Punjab capital was 230th in a total of 374 cities worldwide. In January 2019 it was 174 and relocated to 202, increasing by mid-2019 by 28 seats.

Increasing the ranking of a city means rising the crime rate.
Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, also improved from 66th to 88th by 22 places in the ranking.

An study of the two largest cities in Pakistan in the last five years shows that every year there is a gradual improvement. The 74th and 6th Karachi were in Lahore in 2014. Lahore rose to 202 in mid-2019 and Karachi to 71.

In addition the survey showed that since 2014 Karachi has changed nearly eleven times as well as that for Lahore. It has also shown that Numbeo’s ranking of the World Crime Index is consistently up

In 2014, Lahore was 74 and Karachi sixth, the index revealed. At the middle of 2014, Lahore was 4 points down to 70th and Karachi was 8th.

Lahore finished 89th in 2015 and Karachi in 10th in 2015. In mid-2015, Lahore’s position improved to 96th and Karachi’s to 21th.

In 2016, Lahore observed a slight decrease on WCI to 86th while Karachi improved to 26th. In mid-2016, Lahore was ranked 81st with a decrease of four positions and Karachi witnessed further improvement and fell on 31st.

In 2017, Lahore was ranked 119th and Karachi 47th. In mid-2017, Lahore was graded 114th and Karachi on 50th.

Lahore ranked 138th in 2018 and Karachi ranked 50th. At mid-2018, 173rd and 62nd were announced by Lahore.

Nevertheless, senior police officials have questioned the index’s credibility, asking how only 146 respondents would trust a survey (random people, like anybody else, can contact Numbeo).

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