Top Companies that Provide Home Security Services in Pakistan

Your home is where your heart is, and your safe place is where you are. Therefore, never settle for less when your home is fully safe and safeguards invaluable property. In order to reduce your workload, we compiled a list of Pakistani home security companies that are praiseworthy enough to sleep peacefully and know how safe and secured your valuables are.

List of Companies that Provide Home Security Service in Pakistan 

The implementation of smart devices is the first thing that is most critical when we talk about effective home security systems. But how can you describe what’s right for your individual needs? You need a professional to take care of your problems and to provide expert advice if appropriate.

We understand your needs even before you acknowledge them as Pakistan’s most trusted name for all property. According to you, our list of top companies providing reliable home safety services in Pakistan is therefore as follows:

  • Zims Security Private Limited 
  • Haris Enterprises Security 
  • Phoenix Armour 
  • Reichert Security 
  • Shehzada Security Services 



As a private limited company, Zims Security was established in Islamabad in 1992. Since nearly three decades the company has worked in the country to provide security services to both residential and business ventures.

Zims has a genius reputation for dumb and expensive solutions and systems for home security.

Considering its customer list, which mainly includes Pakistan’s top marks, it is safe to say that the company is one of the most trustworthy names for home security services in Pakistan.

Home Security Services Provided by Zims Security Private Limited 

Zims Security Private Limited deals in the following home security services: 

  • Motion Sensors 
  • Wired Panic Button (For Emergencies)
  • Vibration Sensors (For Home Windows)
  • Burglary Systems
  • Fire-Alarm Systems
  • Home Surveillance Systems 

Contact Number: 111-111-946

Email Address: 



Haris Enterprises Security (H.E.) was founded in 1998 and quickly became one of Pakistan’s largest domestic safety companies. The company’s original headquarters in Islamabad comprises clients such as the British High Commission, the British Council, the Belgian embassy, the French embassy and the broadest possible franchise network in all the provincial capital Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar.

The company’s success is accomplished by delivering state-of – the-art security and safety programs powered by advanced techniques and a skilled workforce.

Home Security Services Provided by Haris Enterprises Security 

Here’s a list of home security services provided by Haris Enterprises Security:

  • Intruder’s Alarm 
  • Video Surveillance 
  • Security Assessment 

Contact Number: 111-624-427

Email Address: 



In the field of state-of – the-art home security in Pakistan Phoenix Armour has been one of the leading names since 1984. The company is based in Karachi providing a range of services according to the needs and preferences of a single person.

The home security business has now become a synonym for trustworthiness, especially given that Phoenix Armour’s official website says, “Nobody ever lost a rupee in entrusting its interest to Phoenix Armor.”

Moreover, if you are looking for security guard services, you must know that the company has a rigorous assessment process where every new hire has to go through a series of tests and training provided by the company’s proprietary schools. 

Home Security Services Provided by Phoenix Armour 

Phoenix Armours offers the following home security services: 

  • Video Surveillance
  • Fire Detectors 
  • Guarding Services 
  • Access Control Systems 
  • Security Alarm Systems 

Contact Number: 111-288-288

Email Address: 



Reichert Security System Brand Logo

Reichert Security Services (RSS) operates as a private limited company in the country that offers a wide range of choices in security and support products. RSS from Lahore is highly dependent on the knowledge, cultural sensitivity and continuous services it provides.

RSS claims to have served various government departments and has an excellent record of providing its customers with impenetrable security.

Home Security Services Provided by Reichert Security Services 

Here’s a list of home security services currently being provided by Reichert Security Services: 

  • Bride/Groom Protocol
  • Event Security
  • Guarding Services
  • Overseas Facilitation

Contact Number: 0300-0909000

Email Address: 


Shehzada Security Services 

Shehzada Security Services was established in 1987, and its efficiently built home security systems have secured the valuable assets and belongings of Pakistanis over decades. A thorough understanding of the needs of the existing market allows the company to enjoy a respected client.

The Pakistan Bank Associations and International Code of Conduct for Private Security Services are enlisted in Shehzada Security Services. However, it works in collaboration with Sindh and Punjab Home Departments.

Home Security Services Provided by Shehzada Security Services 

Under the umbrella of “Alarm Services”, Shehzada Security Services provides the following:

  • Burglary Alarm Services
  • Emergency Alarm Services
  • Fire Alarm Services
  • Duress Alarm Services

Contact Number: 021-35802306

Email Address: 


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