WhatsApp Will Remain Ad-Free, For Now

Facebook is finally backed by its attempts to sell ads in Watsapp, despite serious opposition to its contentious plans.

The plans that the app monetized reportedly broughtits co-creator, Brian Aston, to a standstill. Factors like this may cause Facebook to abandon the monetization of the messaging platform.

The development team for code creation that would integrate ads into the application has now been disbanded by Facebook. WhatsApp internals have also removed the code, but ads on the status page still can.

The app developers accept that this will weaken WhatsApp’s end to end cryption. Facebook says that the app’s focuses on functionality to “enable businesses to communication and coordinate contacts.”

A representative from Facebook has revealed that the company can include ads in the app but that it will remain ad free for the time being. You have not disclosed a detailed timetable for this move.

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