China Banned Single-Use Plastic Bags and Straw

The largest environmental problems in the country that China is increasing the restrictions on the production, sales and use of single-use plastic products.

In sites where waste is buried or dumped in rivers are huge amounts of unprocessed plastic waste. One of the biggest environmental challenges worldwide, the United Nations has listed single-use plastics.

The new policy was drawn up by the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission and the Environmental Ministry, who declared that by the end of 2020, in all major China cities plastic bags would be banned and banned in all towns and cities, and by 2022. Fresh products will be sold on the markets exempt by 2025 from a ban.

Certain items such as food collector’s plastic utensils and disposable delivery bags are also being slowly removed.

The restaurant industry will not be allowed to use single-use straws by the end of 2020. Through 2025, the use of single-use plastic items must be decreased through 30 percent in China’s cities and villages

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