Federal Government to Launch Operation Cleanup Across Country Over Social Media

The government has decided to undertake a social media clean-up to tackle the exchange of inadequate texts, pictures and videos on the sites Ad.

In order to lead the Additional Director General’s Headquarters of theFederal Investigative Agency (FIA), the Government has set up a committee to amend Cyber-Crime Act laws.

The Committee includes ADG Basharat, Cyber-Crimes Director Waqar Ahmed, Law Director Tariq Mehmood and Deputy Cyber Crime Director Wing Sajjad Ali. The Committee will also prepare and send to the Interior and Law Ministries its report on the failure of the six sites to cooperate.

On Thursday, in January 2019, Barrister Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem, Minister of Law and Justice, announced that the Government should put in changes to cyber-crime legislation in order to eradicate loopholes.

Farogh Naseem, speaking to reporters, said the Ministry of law had prepared a draft amendment and added that it would be presented before the Cabinet after finalizing the draft law.

He stressed that the cyber crime legislation should be balanced and added that the amending bill would remove faults and improve the situation.

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