Huawei Partners with TomTom for Google Maps Alternative

No key Google apps, the upcoming Huawei smartphones will launch, which is a drawback to the Chinese technology giant who has been hit by U.S. sanctions like Google Maps.

The Chinese company, however, has collaborated with the Netherlands navigation firm TomTom to use its maps and services on Reuters smartphone apps

After President Donald Trump’s government effectively listed Huawei last year because of concerns regarding national security, Huawei was forced to develop his own smartphone operating system.

Google spokesman confirmed on Thursday that, with the sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump, the California corporation will not provide approved apps such as Gmail, Maps and YouTube to this new device

The agreement with TomTom means that Huawei can now develop apps for its smartphones using the Netherlands maps, traffic information and browser software.

Remco Meerstra, TomTom spokesman, said that this agreement was signed a long time ago but that it wasn’t made public.

It was previously reported that Huawei intended to create its own Google Maps competitor, Map Kit, that was fitted with real-time traffic reports and increased reality.

The new flagship devices of mobile giant tend to feature Android 10, so the absence of Google App access serves as a big reverse reversal in sales out of Asia.

While Huawei is completely diverting Android, the company has already started developing its own HarmonyOS mobile operating system, but it is not clear whether it will be able to keep its market share outside of China.

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