Isuzu and Honda Announce Collaboration on Hydrogen-Powered Trucks

A new partnership between Isuzu and Honda could lead to certain breakthroughs in a different type of fuel: hydrogen in particular. Max Finkel of Jalopnik notes that Isuzu has recently announced the establishment of a research partnership with Honda for a range. This structure could work for the benefit of both organizations, as Finkel describes.

Isuzu explained further how both companies benefitted from the arrangement. Honda, a long time fuel cell proponent, has sought partners that could create applications for its technology over and above niche modeling like the FCX Clarity. The truck manufacturer is looking for alternatives and Honda.

Jalopnik says Isuzu’s partnerships with other car makers, including Volvo and GM, have been created. The paper also states that, despite its speed of refueling, hydrogen cells can be more efficient for transport.

Honda’s work with fuel cell technology is highlighted in the press release published by Isuzu with a view to where this can be all headed. If it makes the trucking industry a greener future, the better is so much.

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