TikTok Beats Facebook, Messenger in 2019 with Over 700 Million Downloads

In 2019 TikTok’s music video service soared to the height of over 700 million downloads, beating Facebook and Messenger and more than 850 million downloads behind just WhatsApp.

TikTok has steadily climbed the annual Top Apps list, based on the latest Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence Data Digest. In 2018, the music app was fourth in WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook, but Instagram ranked fifth.

TikTok finished second last year, with Messenger and Facebook jumping out of two spots, while WhatsApp kept its top spot.

As the application continues to test the monetization schemes, TikTok made $176 million in 2019, its best ever year for revenue. In contrast to social networks such as Facebook, which holds a wealth of user information that advertisers are able to use for purposes of targeting, TikTok does not have as much information to offer.

TikTok allows users to take short videos, to which sounds or music can be added. Other customisation options, like filters, stickers and special effects are also available.

A recent report has shown that Check Point has found vulnerabilities in TikTok that would allow hackers to take over accounts and access private data. However, since November, the vulnerabilities have been patched and no reports have been made about affected users or cases of abuse of loopholes.

TikTok might have had a lot of problems, but with the app still growing in popularity, we can expect to overcome a storm and possibly challenge WhatsApp at the top of the ranking for annual downloads.

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