World’s Wealth in One Visual!..

Nearly 30% of the richness of the world is under American control. Other countries are no longer so far behind, and Asia already boasts a higher number when measured collectively. This is the result of a new Credit Suisse global wealth report.

Top 10 Countries with the Most Wealth in the World:

1. United States: $105.99T
2. China: $63.83T
3. Japan: $24.99T
4. Germany: $14.66T
5. United Kingdom: $14.34T
6. France: $13.73T
7. India: $12.61T
8. Italy: $11.36T
9. Canada: $8.57T
10. Spain: $7.77T

The researchers at Credit Suisse define wealth, or “net worth,” as the sum total of all financial assets minus any debts. Our analysis shows how the US still owns far more resources than any other nation. The most obvious solution. Americans have just a significantly higher net worth than anyone else.

One of the reasons the world has so much wealth today is thanks to globalization. It’s helpful to remember that if the world’s major economies grow further apart in the future, the economic consequences can be very high indeed.

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