Hindu Couple Ties the Knot at Mosque in India

A Hindu couple in the city of Kayamkulam in India’s state of Kerala tied the knot in sacred marriage in the most uncommon of locations in an important step towards religious harmony.

In the Cheravally Muslim Jamaath mosque in Kerala, the couple Sarath Sasi and Anju Ashok conducted their wedding, where they were supervised by an Hindu priest who solemnized marriage according to the Hindu custom.

The mandap, the covered structure with pillars under which the main Hindu wedding ceremonies and rituals take place, was set-up and decorated by the Mosque Committee. The event was attended by many members of both religious communities.

The mother of the bride, according to reports, came to the mosque to accommodate her daughter’s marriage on advice from a neighbour, because of financial constraints.

“She came to my house to seek help with the wedding. She gave the Jamaath Committee a letter I presented. Nujumudeen Alummoottil, Cheravally Muslim Jamaat Committee Secretary, told India’s news agency ANI that we had decided to help the family conduct marriage.

In addition to the wedding, the mosque committee donated 10 gold memories and 200,000 Indian Rupees to the couple as a venue, and also paid for other marriage expenses.

At the wedding, the committee served some 1,000 vegetarian foods.

The family added that they were very thankful to the Jamaath committee for hosting their wedding.

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