NAB Claims Recovering Rs 150 Billion from the Corrupt Elements

Rs. 150 billion was recovered in 2019 from the corrupt elements of society by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Chairman of NAB Justice (r) On Sunday, Javed Iqbal revealed that the office is working hard to eradicate the country’s threat. He argued that the general action of the anti-corruption watchdog led to considerable progress, obvious from these figures.

Javed Iqbal told media about statistics, that 46,3845 complaints were received by the office, which disposed of 450,546, and that the remaining 13,299 charges are underway. He hopes that over the current year, the pending issues will be addressed.

Reflecting on the performance, chairman said that he authorized 4406 investigations in total, 4,071 were completed, and the remaining 355 will be completed in 2020.

Similarly, out of 3676 corruption references filed in 25 different accountability courts, 1,275 corruption references are currently under judicial consideration.

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