New Force of Lady Doctors Ready for Online Treatment in Pakistan

By providing online training to 700 lady doctors who have not been able to practice abroad or due to their domestic responsibilities, the Government of Pakistan spends about Rs 4 billion on the education and training of Lady doctors.

Made it easy for Pakistani doctors who are not practicing due to domestic responsibilities and engagements, introduced to Pakistani doctors who are migrating home or abroad. More than 700 Lady D’s through the special platform “E-Doctor” have been reunited with the Department of Medicine who will soon be able to treat patients at home through telemedicine.

Over 700 lady doctors have been trained so far, including Pakistan, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, China, Bahrain, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia.

Pakistani lady doctors based in Qatar and Oman, who moved away from their profession due to moving abroad and could not practice even after getting medical education, it is difficult for Pakistani lady doctors abroad to practice in these countries. This is because they have to take courses in other countries and register for practice Professional license, which is to take a multi-spent.

Federal and provincial governments can benefit greatly from this force of trained lady doctors. Most doctors in Pakistan prefer performing services in cities and avoiding deployment in rural or remote areas through this telemedicine facility. And the shortage of doctors in backward areas can be alleviated, even in cities where there is a system of patients and a high number of patients are under pressure. Online medicine can be provided through telemedicine.

In this way, the public will not have to bear the expenditure while the government will also reduce the costs incurred on hospital or clinic infrastructure and use the public health budget more effectively. Large consumer companies, banks, insurance companies, telecommunications or mobile companies can provide this facility free of cost to their customers which will improve the quality of life of the people in the country and also benefit the businesses.

Abdullah Butt, the engineer who has trained the Pakistani lady doctor through e-doctor, has already undertaken online tuition, Quran education, telemedicine and medical consultation projects in flood-affected areas.

According to Butt, the main objective of providing medical facilities in remote areas of the country by training Lady doctors at home is to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in Pakistan by over 16,000 mothers in Pakistan died due to lack of medical facility.

According to Abdullah Butt, it was a daunting task to link back to the Department of Home Doctors who had virtually called her profession, and senior teachers,he also did not have much hope.

in April 2018 when applying for a first training batch. As many as 350 lady doctors were contacted, out of which 70% were abroad, 130 of them were included in the first batch, 160 in the second batch, 240 in the third batch and 140 lady doctors in the fourth batch were registered in the fifth batch. Around 100 doctors are likely to be involved in the ongoing training of 700 lady doctors.

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