Weird “Alien” Circle Hovering Over Lahore [Video]

People in northern Punjab and its capital Lahore have woke up to pleasant weather today, when the sky was shrouded most of the day with a blanket of cloud.

While there may be people who argue that in winter, rain is not welcome, it clearly clears the atmosphere, especially in a town like Lahore where fog and smog are a daily spectacle all the time.

Such peculiar occurrences are usually associated with aliens. Some think that these are alien spacecraft, portals or related objects that become apparent without any purpose in random places.

Thanks to fireworks testing, pyrotechnic tests or electric blow-up, the triggers for these smoke rings were found. These smoke rings need a blast through a circular structure, and after 10-15 minutes these rings usually disappear.

Although it is still unclear the reason behind this mystery ring, it is possibly not so tragic as Twitterati expects.

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