Do Not Update Twitter App: The Updated Twitter App Crashes

Twitter has recently released a new update for its reported crashed Android App. After this update is released, the software was found to crash while using.

The social media giant started educating its users on the application and complaining about the potential crash and bugs that cause this crash inside the update.

The app crashes instantly after it is opened depending on Facebook, however some users may not experience App Crash because it can happen at intervals.

Twitter told its users that they will not upgrade to the latest release until the problem has been thoroughly investigated and fixed. You will ignore the new update and refrain from updating the software if you regularly use the Twitter app on your Android device. Nonetheless, we have a workaround to you if you have never updated the software and encountered problems.

You must return to the previous version of the Twitter application to correct crashing Twitter App in order to get rid of the bug that causes the app crash. This is achieved by first removing the latest android app and then updating the previous 8.24.1 update. The problem will be solved once you have imported the software to your computer.

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