Indus Motor Company Lunches a New SALE Scheme for the Valued Customers Across Pakistan

In addition to Bank Islami Pakistan Limited, one of Pakistan’s leading Islamic banks with more than 330 networks in more than 114 cities, the Indus Motor company has laid out an additional scheme to support valued customers across Pakistan.

Bank Islami has signed an agreement with IMC, the exclusive Pakistani Toyota vehicle manufacturer, to provide their residual value customers with smooth car financing.

The BankIslami and Indus Motor Company will only offer Toyota customers with their exclusive value offering through this alliance.

Mr. Abdul Rab, Senior Marketing and Sales Director, Indus Motor Company Limited, and Mr. Bilal Fiaz, Head of Consumer Banking, bank Islami, signed the deal.

Reflecting on the occasion, Bilal Fiaz from BankIslami added: “With the current trend of rising costs and its challenging effect on the consumer’s purchasing power, BankIslami is consistently striving to introduce convenient and affordable financing alternatives that are Shariah-compliant.

This partnership is a step in the same direction. We are honored to be partnering with IMC to make a positive impact on the auto finance market.”

BankIslami aims to create value for everyone in the eco-system in which it operates by offering Shariah-compliant financing solutions for all segments of the society which this partnership guarantees.

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