This is the Most Affordable And Tiny PC in the World

The cheapest computer in the world has been built by Mecool, a Chinese manufacturer, even if you add the mouse, a monitor and the external keyboard cost. The small handheld device is nearly three times cheaper than the last cheapest PC sold.

The Mecool M8S Plus is a personalized computer, which can be used from the box. It comes with a pre-loaded Android 7.1 operating system with an Amlogic S905W quad-core processor, which is supported by 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of on-board storage.

The Mecool M8S Plus has quite modest options for the links and extension options. It features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an audio port, two USB ports and an HDMI.

Even, as a thin consumer, it can double. It is also the ultimate budget streaming consumer, since 4 K content can be decoded. Nonetheless, remember that Mecool M8S Plus does not offer top quality processing capabilities as it is a minimal PC.

This device is currently available at AliExpress for as low as $14.96 topped with free shipping, an HDMI cable, and remote control. However, since Aliexpress applies dynamic pricing, the price can vary from moment to moment. This is a limited time offer, and prices will increase in the upcoming days.

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