Louis Vuitton Launch $1,000 Earbuds

The new wireless earphones models for a prize tag of $1,000 are introduced by Louis Vuitton. A good pair of courtesy from Master & Dynamic, an audio company, can be scored.

Nevertheless, the pattern is MW07 buds of Master & Dynamic while these are labeled with LV. The budgets of the MW07 are about $300. Therefore, you pay approximately $700 more just for LV branding.

However, the buds made the headlines when they started last year; the latest model comes at $1,090 even higher prices.

The earbars are inspired by the Visual Universe of the House and come in a four-color combination of black, white and blue monogram and yellow, and the Vuitton Stripes The Louis Vuitton Monogram is a beautiful depiction of the iconic design of Louis Vuitton in bright colors and sleek metal.

The orebuds have a 10-hour battery pack with a listening time of up to 3.5 hours with voice-assistant capabilities available for Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones.

Recently, Caviar, a Russian luxury gadget company has recently introduced its Airpods covered in 18-karat gold costing a whopping $67,000 which were reportedly sold out on their website.

While most techies may frown at these, there is a a specific market for these collector items.

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