Pakistan Ranks Better Than India in Paying People What They Deserve: WEF

As per World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates, Pakistan is above India in terms of paying people what they deserve.

WEF released its first ever Global Social Mobility Report for 2020 prior to its annual meeting in Davos. The report analyzes the different socio-economic indicators in 82 countries.

As per the report, Pakistan ranks 72nd in the fair wage distribution while India is ranked on the 79th position

Moreover, in terms of employment opportunities Pakistan is better ranked than India, with India and Pakistan respective at 75th and 67th positions

WEF defines social mobility in relation to their parents as either the growth or decline in the movement of an individual. The social and economic effect of the circumstances on an individual’s lives is defined as relative social mobility.

The study analyzed a large number of socio-economic determinants, including health, employment, jobs, technical access, resilience and institutions, for 82 nations.

The report has highlighted that only a few nations have the right socio-economic opportunities that could promote social mobility. In the meantime, nearly all the nations badly fared in their wage distribution, working conditions, social protection and lifelong learning.

With the surging inequality, the children raised in a less honored background are more possibly to experience hurdles to success than the children born into affluent families. The report has stressed that inequalities within a society could undermine its bonding.

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