466 PIA Employees Found Guilty of having Fake Degrees in Last 5 Years

The National Carrier was found guilty of issuing bogus and fabricated diplomas and educatory certificates for the last fünf years to 466 employees of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

A comprehensive list of employees and information on the actions against the counterfeit holders was provided in the Senate Secretariat by the Ministry of Aviation.

The Department told the Senate that PIA had established an early verification policy on qualifications during the probationary period and would only be approved after their training records had been checked.

Previously, there was no policy regarding verification of educational documents within 90 days from the date of initial appointment at PIA.

The Ministry added that anyone found with a false degree could not avoid their liability, because it was a breach under the law to submit a false degree.

In this regard, according to the PIA administration, measures in line with the law and rulings of the Supreme Tribunal of Pakistan have been strictly implemented.

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