Electrifying Transport: Pakistan Unveils First Electric Rickshaw (Video)

Pakistan too made important progress when its country introduced its first electric rickshaw, as a global transport system move to eco-friendly electrically charged vehicles.

The electric rickshaw could demonstrate a much needed environmentally-friendly mode of transport, built by the local three-wheel assembler Sazgar Engineering Works.

“Introduction of electric vehicles in Pakistan following the EV policy, which was framed after consultation with all relevant stakeholders from government and non-governmental sectors, are going to be a big step for the people to switch from fuelling at the pump to fuelling at an outlet,” said Prime Minister’s Advisor on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam.

Aslam said that the Electric Vehicle (EV) scheme had four main benefits, as EVs would be 70 percent cheaper than their fuel powered counterparts.

Sazgar is, as mentioned, the most important organ for the EcoRik Li-Ion Battery, with 48V, 125Ah and 6kwh capacity, of the three-wheeler. The battery is the most powerful. The battery is charged to 125 km for 5 hours.

As an electrical rickshaw, Sazgar Engineering Director, Mian Ammar, told the three-wheeler will not produce any pollution. Additionally, as in other rickshaws, there are no regular maintenance and fuel charges.

“Unlike other three-wheelers there are no moving parts in this rickshaw, the only moving part are the wheels as it runs on a battery. Therefore there would be a lot of savings on maintenance and fuel cost,” he added.

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