Hunza Valley Becomes Pakistan’s & Asia’s First Plastic Free Zone

Climate Change advisor Malik Amin Aslam said at a Altit Hunza ceremony that Pakistan’s first plastic sack free district has become the scenic Hunza Valley.

“The people of Hunza deserve congratulations for implementing the ban. I hope they will continue cooperating with the administration to keep the city clean and free of plastic bags,” he added

UN reports that 164 332 tonnes, the second highest in all the oceans, of plastic were deposited in the Indus basin. Polluting the Indus Basin begins with micro plastic, which can’t have naked eyes.

Plastic is converted into smaller particles when it comes in contact with heat. Such smaller particles form part of marine life’s food cycle, human and land-based mammals.

Human beings ingest 72,000 micro plastic per year from indoor and outdoor air, which pose serious health risks like cancer, exhaustion and obesity, according to studies.

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