Rescue 1122 Receives Over 94% Fake Calls

Non-emergency calls were classified or disadvantaged as 94.2 percent of the total telephone calls received by the Punjab emergency service (PES) in 2019.

Such calls included demanding the biryan’s recipe from the operator and getting a chit-chat to pass the time

In 2019, 20,555,131 calls were received from the emergency service in Punjab. Just 1,192,044 of these were emergency calls. 19,363,087 calls not related to any emergency, were received from rescue 1122.

The calls were classified as disgressive (abuse of or misbehaved with the operator), informational requests, incorrect calls (the caller mistakenly dialed the number), irrelevant calls (the caller requesting unrelated assistance), fake calls (the caller requested help but the rescuer did not find a situation of urgency), distorted calls etc.

The service responded to only 19 fake calls during the year.

The emergency command directed the rescuers to the control room to detect fake calls when the problem was noted. The false callers have certain features that can be seen during the call. It turned out

In general, a falsified caller calls from a quiet, quiet place and traffic noises or signs of rush and business are not present at all.

The service in Lahore received a total of 2,242,965 calls during the year. Only 8% 183,866 were emergency calls. As many as 2,059,099 calls received during the year were non-emergency. Out of these, 1,641,779 were marked as obnoxious, 284,471 as information seeking, 122,876 as wrong and 9,973 as fake calls.

A Few Interesting Calls

There were some very funny non-emergency calls to the helpline. In an appeal, a woman asked Sindhi Biryani for his recipe. When it was an emergency service, the dispatcher informed the client that she had retrieved the number from the Internet.

A woman called and told the rescue personnel to Eid Mubarak. When the rescuer said it was an emergency aid station, she asked him not to get upset. She just said she called to resolve boredom through chit-chat.

In another call, the caller asked the rescuer to deliver a pizza. One caller informed the phone operator that a dog had died in an accident. In one call, minor children could be heard playing. In another, someone dialled the emergency service number and handed over the phone to children while the caller played music in the background.

The Rescue 1122 has appealed to the people to avoid making such calls to the helpline as it hampers the service from its prime duty besides wasting its resources and time.

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