Senate Passes Bill Allowing 6-month Paid Maternity Leave, 3-month Paternity Leave

The Senate passed 2018 bill for mothers and paternities that allows employers to offer a maternity leave paid for six months and a paternity leave paid for a three-month period.

The policy of leaves would extend in the federal capital territory, in both public and private institutions, according to the bill.

The bill was introduced with a majority of votes by Senator Quratulain Marri, even though government senators opposed it.

“The employees of every establishment shall be provided six-months paid maternity and three-months paternity leave as and when applied by employees, separately from their leave account, commencing from the date as applied by the applicant in the application and supported by a medical certificate,” reads the bill.

Besides, the bill also provides for additional three-months maternity leave and one-month paternity leave, both of which would be unpaid.

The provision for paternity leave “seeks to provide fathers the opportunity to be there at a crucial time without the added responsibility of the workplace,” the bill states, adding that, “the early close relationship between father and child has long-term implications.”

Furthermore, the bill also provides for a three-month maternity leave and one-month paternity leave, both unpaid.

The paternity leave “is aimed at giving people a chance to be in a crucial moment without the extra job burden,” the bill says, noting that “the early intimate relationship between father and child has long-term consequences.”

Minister for Economic Affairs Hammad Azhar, while opposing the bill, said that there was already a law to give 90-day maternity leave to female employees, while male government employees could avail 48-day leaves in a year.

Azhar suggested lowering the number of paternity leaves to 15 days, adding that nowhere in the world was there a provision for these many paternity leaves.

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