Sino-Pak Textile Cooperation to Focus on Readymade Garments

Pakistani and Chinese experts agreed to develop China Pakistan Economic Cooperation Framework through the focus on readymade clothes, fiber and textile skills training.

The workshop, which was organized by BOI and organized by the Chinese and China International Engineering Consulting Companies (CIECC), on the diagnostic study of Pakistan’s textiles sector, was announced in a press release by BOI.

The report provides the Chinese perspective on the capacity and obstacles of Pakistan’s large-scale textile mills.

The report also was one of the results of the 9th JCC in 2019 and a precursor to further work on the Pakistani Textiles Sector.

BOI Executive Director (EDG), Qasim Raza Khan, Project Manager of the Project Management Unit (PMU), Asim Ayub, BOI SEZs Manager, Abdul Samie, APTMA Executive Director, Sattar Shahid, Kanwar Usman Project Manager and PRAGMEA Ceo, Shaikh Mohammad Shafiq, Pak Chinese Investment Company Ltd. Headquarters and representatives from Tariq Masood took part in this workshop.

It has been agreed that the Chinese side will continue to provide intellectual and technical support to accelerate Pakistan’s priority sectors especially through the 9 SEZs of Pakistan under CPEC wherein 03 SEZs have been prioritized and are now at an advanced stage of development, he added.

He specified three main areas of cooperation where Chinese could provide support to Pakistan with the objective of developing a textile cooperation framework. These areas include readymade garments, man-made fiber and textile skill training.

The author of the Diagnostic study, Dr. Du Zhen Li, Deputy Director General of CIECC and the focal person on Joint Working Group (JWG) – Industrial cooperation (IC) from Chinese side, joined the workshop through a Videocon and shared that the Textile sector of Pakistan is chosen for the study based on its significance as an important industry, prioritized by the government of Pakistan.

The report outlined the Textile Sector of Pakistan and areas of improvement that can lead to a positive impact on the export led growth vision to boost Textile sector of Pakistan.

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