Israelis Now Allowed To Travel To Saudi Arabia For Hajj And Umrah

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry announced it would now allow Israelis to travel to their country. This new rule allows Israelis to visit Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia or to travel for business up to 90 days. Nevertheless, the traveler has to be invited by a Saudi official to make business trips.

However, despite not having official permission, some Israelis, mainly members of the Arab minority of the country, already travel to Saudi Arabia.

Pilgrims visited Saudi Arabia via Jordan until now, Sheik Abd al-Rahim Fukara, spokesman for the Commission. The Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs would be responsible for their journeys.

This new rule, which was signed in conjunction with the defense establishment by interior minister Arye Dery on Wednesday. Sources said the signature of Dery is the conclusion of an “for many weeks” process.

This decision shocked the Hajj and Urah Committee, which organizes pilgrimages of Israeli Muslims to Saudia. We were not sure what their practical consequences would be.

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