Maserati is All Geared up to Launch its Very First Hybrid Car

Maserati is preparing for the next Beijing show to introduce its hybrid car. The hybrid car will be the first step in the direction of the electric car. The article first appeared in Automative Article Europe. The manufacturer of Fiat Chrysler informed media that the hybrid car is a Ghibli Sedan version.

On 21 April 2014 several automakers and their new vehicles with diverse unique integrated technologies will be unveiled at the Beijing Show.

At the moment, however, there aren’t many tidbits, it will be the hybrid plug-in car and will therefore have an opportunity to generate electricity in short distances.

In May, the company plans to unveil their hybrid sports car. Furthermore, the only electric vehicles that would be reproduced by the company in 2021 and 2022, GunCabrio and GunTurismo.

For some time in China, the car maker worked silently. However, last year, the sales were down nearly 27 percent. If the Chinese Government transforms its transport sector and opts for EVs and hybrids, the sales for the company can dramatically increase. For the time being, Fiat Chrysler plans to elect 30 of its vehicles partly by 2022.

Fiat Chrysler is also under considerable pressure from combustion engines to achieve its objectives. If the automaker giant starts the transition earlier it would be easier.

There is little doubt, however, of Maserati’s positioning, so that the company can take the right measures as gas-powered vehicles are not in the picture for too long.

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