Noor Bukhari Reportedly Marries Ex-husband

Actor Noor Bukhari came in to Instagram to support Awn Chaudhry, her ex-husband. A photo of Chaudhry was posted by Noor with a title reading “My Hero.”

For a second time, reports of the two attaching the knot appeared afterwards. The politician and TV figure Aamir Liaquat is referring to marriage between both of them in a tweet, which he has since deletes. For the sake of the daughter the two shared Liaquat praised Noor’s decision to remarry her former husband.

Fariah Bukhari, her sister also said her praises for Chaudhry’s message. “Allah may protect Allah from a bad eye, Mashallah,” she said.

The pair have reported from reports that they have been married for nearly a year now. It is also confirmed that two months ago, Noor and Chaudhry became parents of a baby girl for a second time.

For a while now Noor has had talk of the fifth engagement. Previously, the former husband of Bushra Maneka had appeared to report Noor opting to marry Khawar Maneka. Afterwards, the 38-year-old actor destroyed all the headlines.

“I am surprised by the interest that everyone is showing in my marriage – that too with a man who is my father’s age. How can I marry a man that is old enough to be my father?” she told the Express Tribune.

Noor was previously married Wali Hamid Ali Khan, son of the famous classical singer Ustad Hamid Ali Khan. The marriage was reportedly troubled with domestic issues. After two years, Noor had decided to take Khula through court.  Following that the actor had decided to leave the showbiz industry altogether.

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