Pakistan Post To Create 200,000 Jobs In The Next Three Years

Pakistan Post will all reduce unemployment, as 125,000 franchise post offices are to be established throughout the country. In three years, the system will hire more than 200,000 people.

Under its mega plan, Pakistan Post is going to open institutional franchise posts. One of the 23,000 Nadra E-Sahulat outlets will be opened to make all products and services available. The sites will also pick up the first mile and connect via the application from the booking office.

According to details, all the software/hardware of digital pickup/booking of products and electronic money order is planned. The postal operator is developing accounting procedures and its integration with the Nadra app.

The schedules were concluded in meetings with the general accounts of the controller, with PPOD and DAPPO. The pilot will begin in mid-February and will then take place at the first week in March, across 23,000 locations.

In that way, 25% of the fee is paid to franchises while 75% is charged to Pakistan Post. All hardware and software investment will be made by the franchises against commissions of 25 percent.

The company will sell the same postal, online and mail order items. But product lines available other than postal products include air, train and rail ticket bookings, online retail booking and the distribution and extension of RMIS and EMTTS (Express Mail Track and Trae System), etc.

The total costs will be Rs.150, 000 for each post. All hardware, computer, barcodes and one Scottie (10 000 in advance) will be added to the customized mailing desk. Rs. 350,000 shall be operational expenditures, which will be kept as prepaid for postal products, electronic money orders, and domestic remittances, etc.

The franchisers can earn up to Rs.100, 000 monthly under the project. Pakistan Post will begin the project at 100 sites by mid-February. It will be delivered and coordinated by the Pakistan Post logistics division.

The plan will expand Pakistan Post postal establishment from 3,200 offices to 125,000 booking points, along with first-mile pickup (from doorsteps) and last-mile delivery through electric scooters and rickshaws.

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